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A drink for the islander,
the dreamer, the explorer,
the doer, and believer in all of us.

IslandJon Ultra Premium Vodka

The Caribbean’s best tasting vodka

Can you feel it? It’s the feeling of powder sand beneath your toes. Can you hear it? The sway of palm fronds in the sea breeze and a gentle kiss of waves upon a seashell laden shore. But, please tell me friends- can you taste it? It’s that salty air infused with a hint of tropical sweetness. The island life is calling and it’s up to you to follow. Let IslandJon vodka take you there, with a taste soothes the soul and ignites a hunger to set sail for paradise.

To us, life is about being seized by an unforgettable moment, engulfed by the senses and remaining forever unabashed in our unique self expression. A smooth glass of IslandJon vodka raised high is a symbol of celebration, a symbol of a rare moment in life where harmony is found and happiness is shared.

"I really enjoy the taste and was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness. Typically I'm use to pairing my favorite vodka with cranberry and a splash of soda, but I was very surprised at how smooth and tasty IslandJon was sans mixer: Long story short, I am a fan and would purchase IslandJon especially for my summer parties!"

"Overall I think IslandJon is a win. It has that rare smooth feel, mixes well with cranberry and pineapple - which lets me know the quality of a vodka brand. I'll place this above Smirnoff, somewhere between Grey Goose and Belvedere. most importantly, because I consumed a good bit of it, I didn't feel terrible the next day. Cheers!"

forward ever

Our acclaimed Apple Gwayav (Guava infused) vodka is made with a fresh puree and appeals to a wide audience of palates (e.g whiskey, bourbon, cognac), while introducing an exotic, peach-like flavor, the IslandJon Vodka recipe is one that embodies individuality and the very essence of the Caribbean spirit. Serve neat in a chilled martini glass or mixed into one of our summer specialty cocktails. This unmatched flavor profile is one that sings to your spirit.

IslandJon Vodka Ultra Premium
  • Flavor

    Infused fresh guava puree'
    Sweetened with 6gm of natural cane sugar

  • Distilled


  • Filtered

    Rested and filtered on activated coal

the story

IslandJon was founded by Levi John, a true islander with a musical soul and a dream sparkling in his eyes. He teamed up with his son, Kevin John, and together, a vodka unlike any other found in the islands was born. IslandJon encompasses 70 years of Caribbean living, decades of world travel and a life on the stage. Most of all, it evokes a passion for the good life: a taste of tranquility with an encouraging flavor-filled note, compelling you to move and groove to the beat of your own drum.

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